These photographs are a selection from an ongoing series of urban landscapes that focus on interior spaces of abandoned buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area. The series has also moved into other areas of the United States.

16th St. Train Station, Oakland

Hunters Point,
San Francisco

Naval Supply Depot-II

Pier 70-I

Pier 70-III

Pier 70 Building 15

Winehaven II

Richmond I

Richmond II

Richmond III

Richmond VI

Richmond VII

Richmond VIII

Richmond IX

Richmond X

Larkspur I

Larkspur II

Larkspur III

Drydocks I

Drydocks II

Drydocks III

Drydocks IV

Drydocks V

Wards VI

Wards VII

Sears I

Sears II

Sears III

Sears IV

Burial Ground I

Burial Ground II

Fort Point II

Fort Point III


Slobodan's Warehouse

Fox Stage

The Fox

Self Portrait


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